Days 1 to 5: photo journal

The quality of these photos – both visual and, for the day numbers, content – deteriorates as:

A) the adaptor to get photos from my camera onto my iPad has stopped working and I’d only downloaded a couple of days worth. The rest are photos I took with my phone of the back of my camera display screen

B) there aren’t many wild flowers for me to illegally pick and there’s only so many fir cones anyone wants to see, so I’ve had to be a bit more creative with my day numbers and some aren’t immediately clear

Day 1: Best Western, Boise airport to end of the Boise spur – 32 miles

A depressing sign to see on a Wednesday when you’re hungry…


Day 2: end of the Boise spur to Motel 6, Boise airport – 32 miles


Even more depressing to see at 1.30pm on a Thursday on your way back to where you came from with a gash in your leg…  

Day 3: Boise to Cliffside campground between John Day and Dayville – many miles in a car


Contents of my restocked first aid kit purchases in Walgreens, Boise  

Day 4: Cliffside campground to Sisters campground, dropping car off in Redmond on the way – many miles in the car, 21 miles cycling


A good sign to see on a Saturday

 Day 5: day in Sisters   




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