And the capital of Idaho is…?

Not Chicago. 

Although they did cruelly edit this to make it look like I thought it might be the right answer rather just saying something for the sake of it. (Please see minute 11.29, person standing on a box behind the desk so the contestant skyline didn’t look too jagged) . 

The correct answer is Boise (and even CJ, evil Egghead, wasn’t too sure about that). I’m here in Boise because it’s one of the entry points to the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, 500 miles of forest roads that take you past 50 hot springs, 10 of which are commercial and the rest aren’t so you can just hop in on your way past. 

Conveniently, the route is mapped out with directions from Boise airport and I love the idea of being able to fly over with your bike and set off into the mountains from outside the terminal.  

That was the idea but we have a Code Red and REGGIE IS MISSING!!! 

My bike was last seen in transit at Phoenix airport and is apparently still there, due to arrive in Boise at 11pm. After years of successful travel (bar thinking I didn’t need a visa to get into Vietnam – turns out I did…), I feel it’s ‘my time’ for a hiccup and, all being well here on in, will set off tomorrow as planned.
I’m currently holed up here waiting for Reggie: 

Never happier than when in a cheap motel with a Denny’s next door:

Aside from not having a bike, I’m just about ready to roll after having ticked off most of the must-dos on a trip like this:

  • Get interrogated by US Homeland security – check
  • Tell lies to US Homeland security about whether you have any food or not and how much cash you’re bringing into the country – check. I don’t even know why I lied about the cash but they automatically make you feel like you’ve done something wrong so I did!
  • Distribute cash in separate locations so you can’t lose it all in one go and then forget where you’ve put it – check
  • Go to Walmarts and buy too much food – check
  • Ensure your food cache is a triumph of sugar and junk food over sensible slow-burn carbs – check
  • Look at the small selection of clothes you brought and think ‘seriously, is that it?!!’ and ‘I don’t know why I packed that top as I don’t even like it’ – check

If anyone knows how to set up a new blog category using the Word Press app, please let me know as I should file this separately from my other posts but not sure how – thank you.

Bye for now!


15 thoughts on “And the capital of Idaho is…?

  1. 1. nice opener to Return to the Wild, Small G.
    2. ahghhh reggie – probably feeling quite forlorn on some bit of tarmac right now. Let’s hope you are reunited soon.
    3. Is Denny’s as bad as Tim Horton’s?
    4. Did you hover dangerously close to buying some sort of camouflage outfit in Walmart?
    5. Can’t help you with the wordpress technicals but look forward to next instalment wherever it lands.
    6. Now that you have landed stateside I am duty bound to go and catch up on Bake Off to ensure your next big adventure is not marred by concerns about how the plum duffs are progressing. Do people still make plum duff? xxxx


    • Just Googled Horton’s – yep, same ilk. I was thinking after posting that I probably sounded sarcastic saying ‘never happier…’ but I do love a reasonable prices ‘does the job’ motel and chicken strips from Denny’s! Does ANYONE use those motel pools??
      So funny about the camo shorts! They had shorts on sale in Walmart for a dollar so I did have a look but they were size 20 plus so I gave them a miss. Enjoy watching David Mitchell and his elderflower cheesecake angst x


      • ah, slightly disappointed we won’t be getting a photo of you in some oversized hunting/fishing get up – although if you hang around Denny’s chicken strips too long….

        Horton’s not quite the same – more of a ditchwater coffee and eyeball-explodingly sweet doughnut kinda place. So you’re ahead of the game already kid.


  2. Sorry to hear Reggie went walkabout en route. Maybe he stopped for a “pump up” but hope he returns soon as it’s a long way to walk! Take care love hearing from you! Margaret


  3. That’s funny – a troll on the loose ! Hope he turns up soon. Random fact about Idaho – Idaho is home to the oldest horse fossil ever found – I read that somewhere on the interweb – fairly recently discovered too I think. Bon Voyage.


  4. Happy days. I found your blog a few months ago when considering a Troll purchase. I’m glad I can follow you on another adventure. My Troll and I have been together one month now, but so far we have mostly gone to work and back, so reading about what I could (should?) be doing with this bike is vicarious thrill and motivational. I hope Reggie showed up safe and sound.


    • Hi Rob, nice to hear from you! I hope your ‘relationship’ is going from strength to strength. I’d definitely recommend the Great Divide. Even just a section of it (which is more practical given most people’s annual leave) would be great. In the mean time, happy commuting!


  5. Hey BC!

    Good to hear that you were given a thorough interrogation by Homeland Security on your way through. I trust by now that you have been reunited with Reggie and that between the two of you you are chalking off the various hot springs.

    Thank you for also sharing that video of RotEH because it’s inspired a little warm up question for this year’s quiz.
    Who is the smuggest man on the planet?

    Now, down to business. A few easy questions to get you going.
    Reggie spent some time chilling in Phoenix, no doubt enjoying the third of Phoenix’s water that comes from the Colorado River. But what is the name of the large dam over the Colorado that was commissioned by Calvin Coolidge in 1928?

    My Own Private Idaho starred which two famous male leads?

    You have 50 hotsprings but which country in the southern hemisphere has the biggest one?

    Finally, Reggie has decided to drive to meet you in Boise. How far does he have to travel by road to get to you?

    Stay safe.


    • Hey MC
      First question doesn’t even need an answer.
      Second question, I want to say Hoover Dam (basically as it’s the only one I know) although it doesn’t make sense. But in the absence of anything else, Hoover.
      Idaho – River Phoenix and Keanu Reeves
      Can’t remember the last question and I can’t see it so will have to post this then reply in a separate post


    • Ahhhh, 2 more questions.
      I’m plumping for New Zealand.
      Miles is tricky and I could embarrass myself. Based on the flight time, ~950 I reckon. Maybe a bit more.
      Good questions, keep ’em coming


      • Your cycling might be a little rusty but your quizzing is not. Full marks here.

        It is the Hoover Dam, or the Boulder Dam as it was originally named.
        Correct for both River and Keanunu
        Good shout with New Zealand – the Frying Pan Lake in the Waitangu Rift Valley.
        The correct distance is 921 miles, assuming you go via Vegas and not Salt Lake. I was going to allow 50 miles either way, so you are good there.
        5 Points so far!


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