The Great Escape

I’m out of Rawlins!

Everyone I’ve spoken to about it has spontaneously said there’s something odd about it. I told one guy I’d got food poisoning in Rawlins (first time the place had been mentioned) and he said “well if you’re going to get it anywhere, it’ll be Rawlins – that place has a bad energy about it”. I KNOW!!!

After 2hrs 15mins, someone eventually turned up at the Avis desk, during which time I’d sent a Tweet to Avis telling them to get someone down to the desk at Rock Springs airport ASAP and I’ve now been invited to give them a call to discuss further – the power of social media!

Living it up on the Greyhound:


Waiting for a taxi to pick me up at McDonald’s off Sunset to take me to the airport – the glamour!


I drove the 100 miles back to Rawlins at a flat 80 so was making good time and pleased with how things were going. However, as I pulled off the Interstate at the Rawlins junction, the car started to shudder and did so for the remaining few miles to the pick-up point. One can probably imagine the ‘oh FFS’ moment when the problem arose given past history with Rawlins. When I reached Bonnie, I said there was a problem with the car but it was still moving so we could just drive (rather than calling for breakdown assistance) and her prompt reply of “just drive” was exactly what I wanted to hear so we hit the road outta there! The car was actually fine after that so don’t know what the temporary issue was.

The wheels arriving in Steamboat:


It was great to get to Steamboat – it’s a really chilled out place. To celebrate my freedom, I bought a $5 Steamboat Springs t-shirt and an over-priced water bottle, as practical items are the only type of souvenir I can really buy.

There was also a colliding of Divide riders in Steamboat, largely because it has a very good bike shop – Orange Peel – and people have done about 1,500 miles by then so generally everyone’s bike is in need of a decent service (and thus a day off). Reggie was no exception. He has pretty much new everything, with the rider down $350.

I was at the same campsite as my homies and it was nice to be reunited after a spell in hell. Apparently, of all stretches of Divide to miss, it’s the 135 miles between Rawlins and Steamboat Springs. It passes through Aspen Alley, a tourist attraction at present but set to become part of a Scenic Byway so, as of 2014 and for the foreseeable few years, there’s a lot of construction going on.

There’s also a hill. A steep one. Dean said he spent 2 hrs pushing his bike up the hill only to take a wrong turn on the descent and find himself at the bottom of the exact same hill. He said he almost cried thinking that he really couldn’t repeat the feat. With age comes wisdom and he displayed nearly as much as me by accepting a lift on the back of a quad bike – welcome to the club Dean!

So all in all, I’m not too upset at having missed a small chunk of the route. And I did go tubing on the river at Steamboat which surely counts as some extra miles 😉



6 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Glad you have finally left Rawlins. Sounds like proof that horror movies set in the mid-West are actually documentaries.

    I was looking for two different male solo artists. Johnny Cash had a hit with Jackson. There are still points available for the artist who had a hit with Atlantic City.

    Unfortunately your answer to the bonus was way off mark but I think that may be because you were still convinced I was trying to use them to start a fire. The moon cup is indeed rubber and reusable. The cotton comforts come in a range of designs including tartan. The femi-sponge I made up.

    So, we’re in Steamboat and to celebrate that, some steamboat themed questions. Who was the author of Huckleberry Finn? In which country was the steamboat invented? Which film is widely regarded as marking the first appearance of Mickey Mouse?

    Please come back at some point, not sure I’ll even recognise Chas anymore it’s been so long.


    • Atlantic City mmmmmm, tricky. Maybe some sort of 50s / 60s type crooner? probably called Jimmy – can’t really think.
      Femi-sponge is funny! What was the right answer?
      Author is Mark Twain
      Is America too obvious an answer for inventing steamboats? If not the US, I’m saying the UK even though much less relevant to us.
      Mickey – Fantasia? Although that’s not steamboat themed so suggests it’s wrong. So I might say that well known film Steamboat Mouse


      • It’s actually The Boss himself – Bruce Springsteen. Featured on the album Nebraska.

        Femi-sponge is the only one of them that is not a genuine sanitary product.

        Correct with the author. Yup – the US was the obvious answer. The Uk was also wrong – actually invented in France. Although their’s was largely unsuccessful and they therefore ditched the idea. And Steamboat Willie was Mickey’s first film, a parody of the Buster Keaton film Steamboat Bill.


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