Days 35-39: photo journal

Day 35: Sweetwater River Crossing to A&M Reservoir (the Great Basin)






Day 36: A&M Reservoir to bloody Rawlins!





Day 37: Rawlins to Teton Reservoir


(Not actual storm…)



Day 38: Teton Reservoir to Rawlins


(Some use of Google here…)


Day 39: still in Rawlins




9 thoughts on “Days 35-39: photo journal

  1. Anna, we are cyber-cheering you forward. You are really doing great. Unbelievable achievement so far. Rest up and do your best. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. Hello Anna,
    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so poorly. Your resolve is impressive though. Maybe you’ve been wanting to back down but it doesn’t sound it from your blog. So great to hear all your stories. And looks like you have a lot for that ‘second kind of fun’ bucket!!


    • Well I did have a ‘moment’ a few days ago thinking “well Canada, Montana and Wyoming isn’t bad and I can save the other 2 states for later” but think everyone had a bit of the blues at same time as me. Everyone found Wyoming tough because of the weather. Hope all’s well with you! Any more Dynamo hill climbing prizes?


  3. Anna
    now i am completely sure that you will complete the project +/-
    i say this with such conviction having just spent an hour or so reading the recent postings (ie it has been a hectic period for us, one way or another since aug 1 – hence catchup).
    my memory of America is vast horizons – in my case crawled across at 50 in a Cadillac Convertible – but i do viscerally remember the unchanging view and inability to listen to local radio which was awefully punctuated with exhortations to buy this or that which left one feeling substandard in not having done so – (so i ceased to use the radio) But i do have very happy memory of the almighty space and then vowed to return to it (but never managed)

    the family all over is amazed by you and, “jealous” of your tenacity, is willing you on.

    Fight on You are BRILLIANT

    with tons of love ROBERT & JOEY


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