Bye Banff!

My stay in Banff has been shorter than anticipated, both because I’m leaving a day early to make the most of the weather and because I arrived 2 hours later than anticipated. The supposed 1 hr 15 minute trip from the airport to Banff turned into a 3 hr site-seeing tour of the suburbs of Calgary. Seriously though, IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ANYBODY and it WASN’T MY FAULT! You’d think the Trans-Canada Highway would be massive and clearly marked. It’s not – it’s quite small and actually called route 16 or route 1610, which wasn’t stated on the directions making it very hard to find and there’s not many people around to ask for directions at 1am.

Everything was made worse by the fact my feet didn’t reach the pedals in the normal driving position. I know I should have gone back to the Avis desk and seen if they had a smaller car but really couldn’t be bothered so spent the entire journey slumped at about a 35 degree angle, as though I was reclining on a LazyBoy. Anyway, I made it eventually!

Didn’t do much yesterday bar go to the start of the trail following the ‘know thine enemy’ mantra. It starts in the car park just behind the Fairmont Springs hotel which makes for a very grandiose departure. A couple of cyclists spewed off the trail onto the Tarmac with their bear bells ringing, so looks like I won’t be the only one ding-donging my way south in a bid to scare off the Grizzlies.

Here’s the hotel:


And if you look closely, you can just about see Mexico:


Not sure what mobile signal will be like on the trail but suspect I will be going dark for about 4 days of covert ops. I think my mum’s hair may go Fifty Shades More Grey during that period of time but hopefully my SPOT check-ins will work and her new tint will end at Silver Moonlight rather than White Mink, which it might turn if she didn’t hear from me at all!

Here’s a bit of a map for tomorrow’s route. They’ve actually closed an area just to the left of the route – sort of leaving it fallow to minimise human disturbance so it returns to closer to the natural habit of the bears and the wolves. So I’m hoping they’re kicking back with a Molson Dry in the undisturbed bit, leaving me to pedal freely down the side of the lake.



5 thoughts on “Bye Banff!

  1. Good luck BC! All downhill to Mexico from there.
    Today’s quiz question: ‘you are being chased by a cougar, a grizzly and a wolf. Which one catches you first and which one turns up last for dinner?’


    • Excellent question. I say cougar as the wolf may get a bit hot running. Grizzly last as he spots the camera and starts showing off with a rendition of The Bear Necessities


  2. Brilliant commentary Anna. We are sitting on a beach in St Vincent and howling with laughter. Keep the blog going and pedal fast especially in Bear country !! Love James


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