I went out hard in the beginning…

“…too hard and didn’t sleep much at all in the first three days, none the first night, 1.5 hours the second night, 3 hours the third, also did around 600 miles. I cooked myself right off the bat and was tired for the rest of the trip. I would say I slept 3-5 hours a night most of the time. I tried to push it again at the end and sleep less”

– Anna Williams, sorry, I mean Jefe Branham, winner of the Tour Divide 2014

So this layabout Jefe did the ENTIRE THING in 16 days (which he was slightly disappointed about as was hoping for 14). After 14 days there’s every chance I’ll still be doing lunges in the car park of the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel where the route starts complaining of a hamstring that’s “still a little tight” as a reason to not face the trail.

Just a quick post as today is my last day. It’s followed the predictable route of buggering up boxing my bike. I spent quite a long time neatly padding Reggie out but then he wouldn’t fit in the box so I had to take most of it off. I’ve ended up copying the Blue Peter prepping George the tortoise for hibernation approach of just shoving him in the box, sprinkling some stuff on the top and saying “see you on the other side buddy!”. Let’s hope he makes it.


I’ve also taken some heavily product placement-laden photos of my kit which is deeply boring for most people but a nice memory for me. You can’t see the brand label on the bed but it’s actually John Lewis in case you’re interested.

2.5 yr old nephew’s motivational message neatly captures all that remains to be said at this stage!




3 thoughts on “I went out hard in the beginning…

  1. Hahahaha! It’s like reading Bill Bryson (but funnier!)

    Just sent you Harry’s other message with the sound now working (completely don’t understand that!)

    M x

    Sent from my iPhone



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